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My reactions, via Twitter in the car on the way back from the cinema:

‏@ChairmanWow: What I learned from Prometheus is that with proper excavation health & safety protocol alien murder death could've been avoided. #

‏@ChairmanWow: Also our current theory is that that entire thing is part of the Aliens aliens' convoluted parasitic lifecycle. Because parasites are cool. #

‏@ChairmanWow: No consensus on the significance of the very first scene, though. Wtf was that all about? #

‏@ChairmanWow: My other takeaway from Prometheus is a desire to wash my hands before I touch anything. #

Spoilers under the cut:

Man, I really like the idea of a parasite that prompts its host to use it as a weapon (also seed a whole other planet with life to use the weapon on). It's almost mutually beneficial, except it still ends with alien murder death! I suppose it would make more sense for it to be a general desire to spread it around (+ maybe increased aggression?), with the weaponisation just being the particular thing this species ended up doing, but weaponisation as a part of parasitic reproduction is just WAY COOL.

I like weird parasites a lot. Also stories where there is no higher purpose just a bunch of horrible (or nice! Nice shit too sometimes) shit that happens in the wake of some vast other process.

Someday soon I really have the watch the original Aliens film.

PS: If you know what that first scene was about, please write your answer on a postcard and send it to PO Box the comment section of this post.

Date: 2012-06-03 23:24 (UTC)
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I read a review and my only comment so far is that it sound like a mash up of 2001 and Alien...


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