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I went to visit [personal profile] lullula in the North this week! It was a lovely time. Here's some things we did:

We visited this stately home on the way up.

They filmed a part of the Pride and Prejudice film there, so in the giftshop was this:

FAR more Misters Darcy than anyone has ever needed, all sneering at you.

We also went to see Stone Age cup&ring carvings in a wood.

And I ran around all over the place with Melissa's EXTREMELY PRETTY dog, which was the most fun workout I've ever had for reals.

I also made friends with this forest shield-bug.

We went on a boat ride from Seahouses!

Saw a whole buncha seals and an unseasonal lone puffin.

Plus we went to MIND-BLOWINGLY AMAZING Barter Books.


Tomorrow I have a job interview for a part-time tutoring job and then THE DAY AFTER Tim & I are going to Amsterdam for a week SO MANY THINGS PLEASE STOP THE RIDE I NEED A BREATH.

Amsterdam should be a lot of fun though.

While travelling I've been amusing myself with a pixel art app on my phone. I think I've been improving! These are my two faves I've done so far.

(That bottom one being Homestuck fanart, of course. Ah, insect alien babies, the way to my heart.)

And now, to bed!

Date: 2012-08-20 22:51 (UTC)
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!!!!! BARTER BOOKS IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH. My grandparents first took me when I was 5 (I live an hour away from there by car) and it was like, ACTUAL NARNIA. Amazing.

I am shocked that you only saw one puffin at the Farnes, too. Normally it's hard to see the seals!


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