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Why aren't you guys watching Star Driver? You should really be watching Star Driver.

This is a test of the Dreamwidth/LiveJournal crossposting system. LJ is getting annoying lately.
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Chairman Wow: what are you up to?
Cubed2D: watching an anime
Cubed2D: confusingly called 'i my me strawberry eggs'
Chairman Wow: ...
Chairman Wow: sounds good
Chairman Wow: XD
Cubed2D: about a guy who tries to get a job as a sports teacher at a high school, but the head teacher is sexist and will only employ females because males are all savages with no love in their hearts etc etc
Cubed2D: so he dresses as a lady to get the job
Chairman Wow: awesome
Cubed2D: the rules: all female characters cannot trust males. all males are perverts and cannot be trusted. all male character have to be perverts. main character is the only sensible person in the entire world (disregarding the whole I should dress as a lady to get this job bit, rather than you know... finding another job)
Chairman Wow: yep, sounds definitely like reality
Chairman Wow: what was that about sexism hurting men, too....? :P
Cubed2D: heh


A propos, I keep meaning to link to this article, but, you know, no internet: 5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men. Very interesting stuff.

While I'm linking, I found a much better website for my math studying than the one I was using previously: Paul's Online Math Notes. The one before was kind of wishy-washy about the right terms and notation, which bothers me. >_> This one is looking much more useful.

I'm home for a day or two, mainly to watch Sherlock, and True Blood with my mum. XD (It's kind of cool watching a show with my mum. We were looking at the True Blood merchandise on the Forbidden Planet website earlier. Maybe I should find her some fanfic to read...)

Second episode of Sherlock was kind of disappointing. Not as much fun banter, and Chinese circus smuggler gangsters? Idk, guys, idk. Quite Holmes-style in a way, but I kept waiting for the opium den to show up. :|

I'm gonna be home again next Monday, because my family and I are going to Vienna for a week from Tuesday, so I may prepare a bit of a picspam entry to post then.
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On Tuesday we went to see the first Gundam Zeta film at the Barbican. It takes some kind of skill to condense an entire episode into a two minute scene. It might not be the best way to convey plot or character development but, you know. It's a skill.

Actually, the film wasn't bad. The bits with new art were really pretty, especially. I've been spoiled now. Going back to watch oldschool stuff is going to be disappointing. XD

Before the film we went to a teppanyaki place where we had a pretty badass chef who made us an onion volcano!

Adam (Tim's brother) got a video of it:

It tasted delicious, as well.
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I should tidy my room, really, but I think I'll just sit around blowing my nose a lot and writing a blog entry.

I arranged a fair number of flat viewings last week, and all but one of them got cancelled or postponed (usually when I had already travelled up to London), and the one we did see was crap. It's been a really irritating week. But we found a lot of nice ones online this weekend, so let's hope next week is more productive. We might move to Canary Wharf and take the river bus in the mornings. Sure, the tube might be quicker, but river bus!

Hey, look what Tim got me as a present:

Awesome, right? XD There's a whole series of them. (Though statistics totally has the nicest cover art.) It's pretty good, actually. I haven't gone through the last few chapters yet, but it's been a nice review of the stuff I learned in school.

Speaking of manga, I read the first five volumes of Otomen* this weekend. It's all about boys who secretly like girly things, (and vice versa, though I guess there's only one girl) and Being Accepted For Yourself and doing cliché stories in amusing ways and it's generally the most adorable thing I have ever read. Also there is a girl/boy love story, obvs, and they keep being equally badass and either saving the day together or saving each other in equal measure. (Which does end up with people getting kicked in the face a lot, admittedly.) And it makes me happy about everything.

I have run out of things to talk about! Oh yeah, we went to see the Evangelion films last weekend! Have I really not blogged since before then? Sheesh. Anyway, they were badass in so many ways. The artwork and design were amazing, and it was a lot more emotionally engaging than I remember the series being: some bits were actually pretty uncomfortable to watch. I rather want to re-watch the series now, to see some more of the in-between bits, and to remember what my problem with it was. I remember waiting the entire the time for things to be explained that never were, and I didn't really get that from the films (though there's one - or two? - films left still). Either I was being dumb or they really tightened up the writing. Maybe both.

God, the battles were so badass. Especially on the big screeeeen. Most enjoyable night I have spent in a cinema for ages.

PS: I just watched the latest Doctor Who episode. I think the pacing was a bit off again, but aaaaaah, the end was SO SAD. ;____;

*Which is a pun on otome ("maiden, young lady"), and the English word men. And it's spelled 乙男 in kanji, which is otome 乙女 with the kanji for woman 女 replaced with the one for man 男. I love Japanese for punning.


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