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Tim got me a little whiteboard and it calms my troubled mind.

I decided the other day that when I've handed in my dissertation, we're going to Hay-on-Wye for a weekend in celebration. Yeah, this place. It's going to be amazing.

I also finally saved up enough to buy my own 3DS, and this awesome decal so we can distinguish between the two that exist in this flat:

(I had this gif here, but looking at it makes my head hurt.)

Just one bossfight away from beating Ocarina of Time! And then I'm going to get A Link To The Past Link's Awakening (EDIT: I can't be expected to remember names at 1am after a day of dissertationing) from the download store, and I won't stop until I have all the Zeldas.
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First things first; my new number one game I am looking forward to:

Level 5/Capcom OTP FOREVER.

Change of topic: UCL continues to be the best place in the world. Next week Shahina Farid, the site director of Çatalhöyük, is coming to our "Issues in the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East" seminar. Yeah you know you're jealous. I don't actually know that much detailed info about Çatalhöyük, though, so I'm going to have to do some reading up.

Last week I went to the first of a series of Seminars at the Institute of Classical Studies on the theme of "Religion and Cross-cultural Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East". ♥__♥ I'd been looking forward to it all week, and it did not disappoint; it was really interesting and exciting. That sounds sycophantic, because my professor gave it, but it genuinely was. It's the kind of topic I want to study. I've always liked the intersections of different cultures and how they work, which I'm sure I can at least partly blame on my international/third culture kid* adolescence.

I've been hanging out with the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Soc and techSoc, and I'm thoroughly enjoying not being a recluse anymore. Social interaction: it's pretty great. Social interaction with geeks is even better. I may end up joining the Japan Society, as well. They have language lessons, you see, and I desperately need some speaking practice. I was talking to a girl at the last SFF Soc movie night, and it came up in conversation that I was learning Japanese, so she started talking to me in it. I could understand what she was saying pretty well, but I immediately forgot all words and my mouth wouldn't open. ぜんぜんできなかった。;_; もっと練習しなくちゃいけない。

Apart from that I've spent most of my time reading and slowly getting into a working routine. I'm going to start writing my first essay, soon, too. I get to cram the uses of the concept of 'objectivity' by processualists and post-processualists into a meagre 2000 words. I bet you all envy me for that, too. :| I've squeezed in a little bit of drawing (and I have a fair amount of art from the last few months that I haven't posted online yet), but scanning and editing is time consuming and frustrating, and I just can't be bothered. ¬__¬ I am plotting ways to get access to high-quality scanners, though (none of the UCl libraries/computer rooms have any, as far as I've been able to find out, but I do have access to a range of other London universities...), so it may yet happen.

*I feel slightly weird calling myself a third culture kid, even though I do identify with at least some of the things in that article, because after all I only grew up in three counties, as opposed to six or seven. (I get the feeling that very thought is an indicator of my third-culture-kid-itude.)

It also seems to be associated more with US-Americans of the previous generation, and all I know about it I learned from that wikipedia article, so there's that, too.
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Someone on the radio just started talking about their experiences of war. This entire entry feels even more frivolous now. Read on for frivolity.

I am re-reading Cloud Atlas. It's possibly even a little better than I remembered! :D

Also I am super late to the party, but I actually listened to some Lady Gaga songs the other day, and they are pretty good!

Thus concludes the not-quite-as-geeky section of the entry. ONWARDS~

So Saturday Tim and I went to Forbidden Planet and bought POKEMON CARDS. 8D A deck each and some boosters. And now I am really into it again, and I may make an excursion into the attic to see if I can find my old cards. Are they even legal anymore? I really want to build a Ghost/Psychic deck. In some way this is porbably Tumblr's fault for enabling me to look at so much fanart.

Some teenagers on the train on the way back made fun of us. XD Man, teenagers are ridiculous. I am pretty glad I'm not one and can enjoy Pokemon cards with impunity.

I also bought this pretty rockin' t-shirt:

Too bad Uniqlo doesn't have any Gundam t-shirts that look that cool. Don't worry, I still love you Gandamuuu~ ♥ I will love you even more when more Unicorn comes out. >_>

And and and I finally found a pre-owned copy of Beautiful Katamari at Game, so that's what I've been doing all weekend. No, really. All weekend. Except I forgot to save yesterday so I had to do everything again. >_> But I got more points and actually managed to do the Mars level without wanting to strangle someone, so woo!

I'm pretty sure Katamari is the best thing the games industry has ever brought forth. Pff, Half Life 2 or WoW or whatever. KATAMARI WINS ALL.

Only a week and two days until Paris! Paris Paris Paris! I am super excited. Gonna buy so many comic books and do lots of sketching and look at lots of beautiful architecture!

Speaking of architecture, I haven't done much drawing in the last few days, apart from a commission for my mother*, but here is a brush-pen doodle of some houses.


There were some really great urban scenes in the exhibition of 20th century Chinese prints at the British Museum, and they've inspired me to try to get better at buildings and so on. Architecture and cities are one of my very favourite things.

Thus concludes the rest of this entry. Do come again.

*I think I'm going to start advertising my services for commissions sometime soon. :O Don't know how that will go, but one or two people — apart form my mother — have asked me, so it's worth a try!


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