chairman_wow: Sign from the game Portal 2: GLaDOS EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN and CAKE DISPENSARY (seems legit)

Mudsplattered: the new professionalism.

This wouldn't be a problem if Surrey was cool enough to have proper footpaths in its villages.

Yus, I've finally got some work, and the balance on my bank account is steadily moving into positive numbers! The job's only part time, but it's still been pretty draining. I hope I'll get used to the change in pace soon, though. Co-operate, brainssss.

I've been making some very vague plans for the future, too. After a discussion with my mum last week I decided that, depending on how things go health-wise, I'll probably do some study at the Open University next year to ease myself back into academia. I'd love to get some more economics and sociology knowledge under my belt especially. Plus more background knowledge on European archaeology/history. Give me every social science, I want them all!

OU is apparently restructuring it's social science department at the moment, though, so we'll see how that goes.

I'd been putting off writing a post because I was hoping to include a video I've been editing, but with work being so tiring for now, that might not get finished for another week or two. I did make a blog on tumblr for my insect photos & videos, though, if you wanna have a look at those! Eventually I'll build up a queue over there, too, and then there'll be more regular posts.



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