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Non-native English celebration fest?

As long as this doesn't happen while I'm still buried under my dissertation, I am definitely up for it. I've already been looking for excuses to write in German occasionally, despite the fact that maybe two of my friends would be able to understand it.

And then we all get to find out how shamefully rusty my written German has become. But I'll probably enjoy it, anyway.
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First of all, there are some extremely important orders of business to discuss:

Look a this!
Ouran is getting a live-action drama! I am pretty excited about this. They could keep making adaptations of Ouran forever and I'd be happy.

Also this!
You really need to watch this one in HD, trust me. That hair. I am definitely seeing Brave in the cinema when it comes out.

And now for something that's already happened: some friends of mine and I went to see Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus" at the Globe last week. I highly recommend going to see it if you get the chance! The acting was great, especially the two main characters (played by Paul Hilton and Arthur Darvill), and the sets, costumes, props etc were all just right for the atmosphere. (Hurray for eerie hell-creatures!) I was a bit... not wary exactly, but unsure going in, because although I knew the basic story I had no idea if I'd let myself in for a comedy, a tragedy, or a heavy philosophical treatise. In the end, though, it turned out to be the prefect balance of (generally slapstick) humour and dark creepiness and dread.

And walking out of the theatre we all agreed we wanted a BBC TV series of Faustus and Mephistopheles's wacky adventures.
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I've come across some neat things on the internet in the last couple of days, and since you guys are my favourites I thought I would share them with you.

I found this album via Kinokofry (an excellent collection of webcomics, by the way), and I strongly advise you to download it, as well!

Sound Club Sweet by Patrick Alexander (パッチ)

Cute and cheerful chiptunes-esque music. I listened to it all day yesterday and it filled my heart with nothing but peace and joy.*

On that note.


While the Pope is in the country, you can download Tim Minchin's Pope Song free from his website. (Tim Minchin's website, not the Pope's.) (Obviously.) It pretty much expresses my opinions on this topic.

Also, audiobooks! Audible is giving away free books in the Guardian, which is crazy cool, and people have posted all of the links in this forum. (If you go through the pages, there's direct links to Audible, as well, instead of through the Guardian website). I think it's a one-week only thing, so the earlier ones may not work anymore, but at least some of them should.

I've been listening to Down and Out in Paris and London on my way to and from the library (while getting ground into dust over and over again by Karen from the Elite Four). I'd never heard of it before so I had no real expectations, but it's really interesting so far. Also the reader does brilliant voices and accents verging on the silly, which makes it twice as good.

*So much so that I decided to show my appreciation via the medium of PayPal. Which you should totally do to, if you want and can! Paying people for rad stuff they make is the way to go.
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Chairman Wow: what are you up to?
Cubed2D: watching an anime
Cubed2D: confusingly called 'i my me strawberry eggs'
Chairman Wow: ...
Chairman Wow: sounds good
Chairman Wow: XD
Cubed2D: about a guy who tries to get a job as a sports teacher at a high school, but the head teacher is sexist and will only employ females because males are all savages with no love in their hearts etc etc
Cubed2D: so he dresses as a lady to get the job
Chairman Wow: awesome
Cubed2D: the rules: all female characters cannot trust males. all males are perverts and cannot be trusted. all male character have to be perverts. main character is the only sensible person in the entire world (disregarding the whole I should dress as a lady to get this job bit, rather than you know... finding another job)
Chairman Wow: yep, sounds definitely like reality
Chairman Wow: what was that about sexism hurting men, too....? :P
Cubed2D: heh


A propos, I keep meaning to link to this article, but, you know, no internet: 5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men. Very interesting stuff.

While I'm linking, I found a much better website for my math studying than the one I was using previously: Paul's Online Math Notes. The one before was kind of wishy-washy about the right terms and notation, which bothers me. >_> This one is looking much more useful.

I'm home for a day or two, mainly to watch Sherlock, and True Blood with my mum. XD (It's kind of cool watching a show with my mum. We were looking at the True Blood merchandise on the Forbidden Planet website earlier. Maybe I should find her some fanfic to read...)

Second episode of Sherlock was kind of disappointing. Not as much fun banter, and Chinese circus smuggler gangsters? Idk, guys, idk. Quite Holmes-style in a way, but I kept waiting for the opium den to show up. :|

I'm gonna be home again next Monday, because my family and I are going to Vienna for a week from Tuesday, so I may prepare a bit of a picspam entry to post then.
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I've been doing some little doodles lately to practice with my watercolours and markers on! And then my scanner did its best to screw with the colours, and then I did my best to un-screw them in Photoshop for a few hours until all of life started seeming loveless and cruel, and in conclusion I'm asking for a new scanner for Christmas.

Blobby creatures )

I definitely need to practice more, but I think I'm improving, anyway.

Oh yeah, and I've started posting some drawings on deviantART again. (I'm being sociable on the internet! :O) It seems the way to get comments on dA is to post pictures of dragons. They like dragons there, I guess.

Tim and I are looking at a flat in London tomorrow. :D I hope it's nice, 'cause it's in an awesome location. Right down the street from the Tate!

Also here's some links I posted on LJ last night. They're for cool kids.

• "Mario's Three Lives". Possibly the finest piece of fanfiction on the internet today.

Spera. I meant to link this earlier, but I don't think I ever did. It's an excellent comic about adventures and things, and I don't know why I only discovered it recently.

BAÏDIR trailer. I need this in my life.

Really early Pokemon concept art. Eeee.

Filthy Figments. Comic porn by ladies! I've never subscribed to a comic site before, but I think I might for this one. :3

• And I'm pretty sure everyone's heard this already, but: The Pope Song, by Tim Minchin. NSFW. But brilliant.
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[So maybe I'll try cross-posting here? I do quite like DW.]

It's suddenly only a small number of months until I start at UCL! And just when I've just about figured out how not to let myself drown in a sea of ennui and depression when I have nothing to do. What a waste.

I got an email from the Institute of Archaeology (IoA?) this week asking me to tell them what options I'd like to do with my MA, so they can gauge interest. Unfortunately these two, which I really wanted to take, aren't running next year, so I spent forever deciding which of the alternatives to pick. I ended up with these:

The Near East from Later Prehistory to the End of the Iron Age
The Archaeology of Early Egypt and Sudan, c.10,000 to 2500 BC
Archaeology of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Hunter-Gatherers

And as second choices in case any of those are cancelled, The Mediterranean world in the Iron Age, Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics, and The Aegean from first farmers to Minoan states.

I wasn't sure whether I should put one of the Mediterranean ones in my preferred options list instead of the hunter-gatherers one, but in the end I went with hunter-gatherers because the professor co-ordinating it has the more interesting research interests. I think that's a legit reason.

Ffff guys, I am so excited.

Speaking of Archaeology, I've been reading about the MASS Project today. I heard about it vaguely just before I left Durham, but then I completely forgot about it until recently. It's a super-badass project that involves modelling prehistoric settlements to see how they interact with, affect, and react to their environments. I've not finished reading all the stuff on the website yet, but like I said, it sounds super badass.

In other news, my parents and I went to see Robin Hood yesterday, and it was... really, really lame. Magna Carta out of nowhere )

It doesn't feel right somehow to make a post without a single picture or drawing in it, so here's an animated gif of a cat that I found on the internets:


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