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Happy holidays, friends! I hope you all had fun winter festivities. I’ve been staying at my parents’ house for a week or so, having a good time with the traditional Christmas activities and feasting. Feasting is the main traditional Christmas activity, as far as I’m concerned.

I got some great presents as well:

picture of Christmas loot, iPod with headphones and exercise armband, books, new graphics card, DVDs, and an electronics kit

The thing in the box is a FEZ Spider Starter Kit, and I’m really excited to start playing with it, although I still have a few tutorials to go through until I do. I may try to convince my brother to lend me his music expertise and collaborate with me on some kind of cool chiptune-y project. No idea what it will be yet, but I think it’d be fun. Maybe we’ll build an instrument, kind of like those modified Gameboys.

The books are Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand; Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories; Machine of Death; and Guns, Germs, and Steel. I also got some colourful brush pens from my brother, which I forgot to draw. /terrible sibling

Unfortunately I’ve been incubating a cold all week which has chosen today to come out in full force, and so I’m off to drink tea on the couch and sulk about my hands being too unsteady to draw properly.

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Gutes Neues Jahr


The pig is there for luck. Apparently pigs don't symbolise good luck in England, as I learned yesterday when Tim asked me why it was there. This is weird and interesting and makes me want to do a survey! I’m pretty sure four-leaved clovers, chimney sweepers, and possibly horseshoes (with the legs pointing up so they look like a bull’s horns, according to my grandmother) are shared, as well as all the unlucky stuff like walking under ladders and breaking mirrors and so on. (I suspect those were popularised by films and cartoons.) My mum brought me bread, salt, and a penny when I moved into the flat -- for plentiful food, wealth, and good luck, respectively, though we had to look that up -- and when you find a penny on the street you’re meant to (pretend) spit on it three times and keep it in your pocket for luck. That’s all the folkloric traditions and superstitions I can think of off the top of my head. Do you have any?

I think pigs are pretty cool animals, regardless.

So, in the time since I last blogged I’ve been having really nice Christmas and birthday/New Years times. Hung out with my family, baked cookies, ate delicious food, and played card and board games (everyone seems to be coming around to my point of view that board games are for cool kids. My dad even enjoyed Settlers of Catan, after initial scepticism – “You can’t kill anyone?”). Everyone seemed to like the presents I got them, too.  :D (Paintings for my parents & brother, and a pair of Hello Kitty headphones for Tim.) My parents got me a new keyboard and screen, which I asked for intending to attach to my laptop, but then Tim got me the parts of a computer to go with them. :O! I am coming to you at this very moment from my super sexy new desktop PC. I got some other really great stuff, too )

On New Year’s Eve, Tim and I went out to see the London fireworks. The travel guidelines said the viewing areas start filling up around 8, so we went out for dinner and ended up on Westminster Bridge around 7. And then we sat and read books for five hours while Radio 1 played really lame music. It was totally worth it, though: the fireworks were spectacular. I adore fireworks. Pretty bright colours and loud noises are just viscerally satisfying. Fuck yeah, watch us light up the sky! I didn’t want to waste any of that feeling on trying to take photos, because photos of fireworks are never as good anyway, but I did tear myself away for a couple of seconds because the sea of cameras and phones that went up in front of me when it started was too amusing not to document.

Everyone on the internet already knows what fireworks look like, guys.

I was thinking yesterday about whether I should make a resolution this year. I usually don’t, because I think about my goals and how to achieve them pretty frequently anyway, so I don’t feel the need to do it at new year’s specifically. My life has been going really well in the last few months. Everything feels like it’s rolling in the right direction. I like where I live, my relationship is really good, I’ve been making some cool friends at uni and being social, and I got my first essay back before the holiday and got the best grade of my academic career so far holy shit. Of course this is a dangerous moment and I can’t rest on my laurels and stop pushing to keep rolling in that direction, so I’ve decided that my resolution for 2011 is: “Take all necessary steps to ensure the continuation of awesome good times”.

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Someone on the radio just started talking about their experiences of war. This entire entry feels even more frivolous now. Read on for frivolity.

I am re-reading Cloud Atlas. It's possibly even a little better than I remembered! :D

Also I am super late to the party, but I actually listened to some Lady Gaga songs the other day, and they are pretty good!

Thus concludes the not-quite-as-geeky section of the entry. ONWARDS~

So Saturday Tim and I went to Forbidden Planet and bought POKEMON CARDS. 8D A deck each and some boosters. And now I am really into it again, and I may make an excursion into the attic to see if I can find my old cards. Are they even legal anymore? I really want to build a Ghost/Psychic deck. In some way this is porbably Tumblr's fault for enabling me to look at so much fanart.

Some teenagers on the train on the way back made fun of us. XD Man, teenagers are ridiculous. I am pretty glad I'm not one and can enjoy Pokemon cards with impunity.

I also bought this pretty rockin' t-shirt:

Too bad Uniqlo doesn't have any Gundam t-shirts that look that cool. Don't worry, I still love you Gandamuuu~ ♥ I will love you even more when more Unicorn comes out. >_>

And and and I finally found a pre-owned copy of Beautiful Katamari at Game, so that's what I've been doing all weekend. No, really. All weekend. Except I forgot to save yesterday so I had to do everything again. >_> But I got more points and actually managed to do the Mars level without wanting to strangle someone, so woo!

I'm pretty sure Katamari is the best thing the games industry has ever brought forth. Pff, Half Life 2 or WoW or whatever. KATAMARI WINS ALL.

Only a week and two days until Paris! Paris Paris Paris! I am super excited. Gonna buy so many comic books and do lots of sketching and look at lots of beautiful architecture!

Speaking of architecture, I haven't done much drawing in the last few days, apart from a commission for my mother*, but here is a brush-pen doodle of some houses.


There were some really great urban scenes in the exhibition of 20th century Chinese prints at the British Museum, and they've inspired me to try to get better at buildings and so on. Architecture and cities are one of my very favourite things.

Thus concludes the rest of this entry. Do come again.

*I think I'm going to start advertising my services for commissions sometime soon. :O Don't know how that will go, but one or two people — apart form my mother — have asked me, so it's worth a try!


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