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My reactions, via Twitter in the car on the way back from the cinema:

‏@ChairmanWow: What I learned from Prometheus is that with proper excavation health & safety protocol alien murder death could've been avoided. #

‏@ChairmanWow: Also our current theory is that that entire thing is part of the Aliens aliens' convoluted parasitic lifecycle. Because parasites are cool. #

‏@ChairmanWow: No consensus on the significance of the very first scene, though. Wtf was that all about? #

‏@ChairmanWow: My other takeaway from Prometheus is a desire to wash my hands before I touch anything. #

Spoilers under the cut: Read more... )

Someday soon I really have the watch the original Aliens film.

PS: If you know what that first scene was about, please write your answer on a postcard and send it to PO Box the comment section of this post.
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First of all, there are some extremely important orders of business to discuss:

Look a this!
Ouran is getting a live-action drama! I am pretty excited about this. They could keep making adaptations of Ouran forever and I'd be happy.

Also this!
You really need to watch this one in HD, trust me. That hair. I am definitely seeing Brave in the cinema when it comes out.

And now for something that's already happened: some friends of mine and I went to see Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus" at the Globe last week. I highly recommend going to see it if you get the chance! The acting was great, especially the two main characters (played by Paul Hilton and Arthur Darvill), and the sets, costumes, props etc were all just right for the atmosphere. (Hurray for eerie hell-creatures!) I was a bit... not wary exactly, but unsure going in, because although I knew the basic story I had no idea if I'd let myself in for a comedy, a tragedy, or a heavy philosophical treatise. In the end, though, it turned out to be the prefect balance of (generally slapstick) humour and dark creepiness and dread.

And walking out of the theatre we all agreed we wanted a BBC TV series of Faustus and Mephistopheles's wacky adventures.
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I fell asleep just as the children's programming was starting on Radio 7, which is around... 5 am? Wow, later than I thought. And I still woke up at 8:30, feeling perfectly awake. Idek.

I'm trying out a self-motivating tactic where you stop doing something when you're having fun and are still really motivated to keep going, so you'll be quicker to start the next day. It's working so far, but it's really hard! XD I can't stop in the middle of a math problem, it's just not right.

News bulletins:

The Evolution of Palaeolithic and Neolithic Societies in the Near East option at UCL isn't cancelled after all! ♥ You guys can't even believe how thrilled I am about this. It's the perfect module.

Oh, speaking of Archaeology stuff, look, an entire free volume of Human Biology! Which is not what it sounds like but actually (in this case) material form a Center for the Evolution of Cultural Diversity conference on demographics and dispersal and cultural evolution and incredibly sexy things like that. I've only read one article so far, though — I don't really like reading long PDFs on screens where I can't underline stuff and take notes in the margins, but whenever I've been at ACS to make use of their abundance in printer ink and paper the computers have been uncooperative.

I went to see Agora with my parents and Tim last week. It was good! Even better than I expected it to be! A lot deeper than your average period drama, with its depictions of religious conflict and doubt vs. certainty and so on. I really want to see it again to form a more detailed opinion (and because I just want to see it again), but it's only showing in the small cinema at Leicester Square, and the tickets are crazy expensive. Maybe I'll rent the DVD when it comes out.

I think the moral of the story was "science is totally hawt", but that might just have been me.

(You will also notice I am using an APPROPRIATE ASTRONOMY ICON.)

We put in an offer on a flat, but then we decided we couldn't really afford it after all so we had to take the offer back. Still lookin'.

Lastly, there's only 3 episodes of Durarara!! left now, and while I don't want it to end, I am so excited for the last few episodes. There is some kind of epic climax building. Seriously, you guys. Watch it. It's free! Legitimately!
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I should tidy my room, really, but I think I'll just sit around blowing my nose a lot and writing a blog entry.

I arranged a fair number of flat viewings last week, and all but one of them got cancelled or postponed (usually when I had already travelled up to London), and the one we did see was crap. It's been a really irritating week. But we found a lot of nice ones online this weekend, so let's hope next week is more productive. We might move to Canary Wharf and take the river bus in the mornings. Sure, the tube might be quicker, but river bus!

Hey, look what Tim got me as a present:

Awesome, right? XD There's a whole series of them. (Though statistics totally has the nicest cover art.) It's pretty good, actually. I haven't gone through the last few chapters yet, but it's been a nice review of the stuff I learned in school.

Speaking of manga, I read the first five volumes of Otomen* this weekend. It's all about boys who secretly like girly things, (and vice versa, though I guess there's only one girl) and Being Accepted For Yourself and doing cliché stories in amusing ways and it's generally the most adorable thing I have ever read. Also there is a girl/boy love story, obvs, and they keep being equally badass and either saving the day together or saving each other in equal measure. (Which does end up with people getting kicked in the face a lot, admittedly.) And it makes me happy about everything.

I have run out of things to talk about! Oh yeah, we went to see the Evangelion films last weekend! Have I really not blogged since before then? Sheesh. Anyway, they were badass in so many ways. The artwork and design were amazing, and it was a lot more emotionally engaging than I remember the series being: some bits were actually pretty uncomfortable to watch. I rather want to re-watch the series now, to see some more of the in-between bits, and to remember what my problem with it was. I remember waiting the entire the time for things to be explained that never were, and I didn't really get that from the films (though there's one - or two? - films left still). Either I was being dumb or they really tightened up the writing. Maybe both.

God, the battles were so badass. Especially on the big screeeeen. Most enjoyable night I have spent in a cinema for ages.

PS: I just watched the latest Doctor Who episode. I think the pacing was a bit off again, but aaaaaah, the end was SO SAD. ;____;

*Which is a pun on otome ("maiden, young lady"), and the English word men. And it's spelled 乙男 in kanji, which is otome 乙女 with the kanji for woman 女 replaced with the one for man 男. I love Japanese for punning.
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[So maybe I'll try cross-posting here? I do quite like DW.]

It's suddenly only a small number of months until I start at UCL! And just when I've just about figured out how not to let myself drown in a sea of ennui and depression when I have nothing to do. What a waste.

I got an email from the Institute of Archaeology (IoA?) this week asking me to tell them what options I'd like to do with my MA, so they can gauge interest. Unfortunately these two, which I really wanted to take, aren't running next year, so I spent forever deciding which of the alternatives to pick. I ended up with these:

The Near East from Later Prehistory to the End of the Iron Age
The Archaeology of Early Egypt and Sudan, c.10,000 to 2500 BC
Archaeology of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Hunter-Gatherers

And as second choices in case any of those are cancelled, The Mediterranean world in the Iron Age, Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics, and The Aegean from first farmers to Minoan states.

I wasn't sure whether I should put one of the Mediterranean ones in my preferred options list instead of the hunter-gatherers one, but in the end I went with hunter-gatherers because the professor co-ordinating it has the more interesting research interests. I think that's a legit reason.

Ffff guys, I am so excited.

Speaking of Archaeology, I've been reading about the MASS Project today. I heard about it vaguely just before I left Durham, but then I completely forgot about it until recently. It's a super-badass project that involves modelling prehistoric settlements to see how they interact with, affect, and react to their environments. I've not finished reading all the stuff on the website yet, but like I said, it sounds super badass.

In other news, my parents and I went to see Robin Hood yesterday, and it was... really, really lame. Magna Carta out of nowhere )

It doesn't feel right somehow to make a post without a single picture or drawing in it, so here's an animated gif of a cat that I found on the internets:


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