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I went to visit [personal profile] lullula in the North this week! It was a lovely time. Here's some things we did:

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Tomorrow I have a job interview for a part-time tutoring job and then THE DAY AFTER Tim & I are going to Amsterdam for a week SO MANY THINGS PLEASE STOP THE RIDE I NEED A BREATH.

Amsterdam should be a lot of fun though.

While travelling I've been amusing myself with a pixel art app on my phone. I think I've been improving! These are my two faves I've done so far.

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And now, to bed!
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screenshot of Word, zoomed out to show all 56 pages of my dissertation
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I have thoughts about the past year and plans for what I will do next, but for now I am gonna grab my book and read in bed.
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[Image: an A4 piece of paper taped to a chest-high wall (someone tell me what these are actually called) pointing the way to the SlutWalk meetup.]

I went on the London SlutWalk last Saturday! Which was not, as some coverage would have you believe, an excuse to dress up in sexy clothes, but a protest against rape culture and the notion that only sluts get raped/all people who are raped are sluts, and the way people's clothes, background, and sexual history are used to let their abusers off the hook and I am not feeling very eloquent today GO READ THE WEBSITE. (I also liked this article about it in the Christian Science Monitor. No idea what the exact purview of the Christian Science Monitor is, but this is a really good article.)

Mainly this post is to show off the cool banners I managed to get pictures of:

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Also some of my favourites that I didn't get to take a picture of but managed to find on the internet: "I'm a bitch if I say no but I'm a slut if you rape me anyway!", You need permission to Slytherin to my Chamber of Secrets", and "River Song wouldn't stand for this shit!" The rest of the Flickr set is really good, too.

I intended to leave after the walk and get back to my dissertation work, but the speeches in Trafalgar Square, although I disagreed with one or two speakers on one or two points, were so good. I hope some of them end up online, because they were sogood. It's a good feeling to reaffirm that a lot of people who agree with you on things exist, sometimes.

A lot of great-sounding organisations were involved which I must find out more about the future, like Women Against Rape and GAPS.

I am 100% sure I will find a lot of spelling mistakes and weird sentences in this tomorrow, but I'm going to bed now.
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Wednesday was enrolment day at UCL. I got what I'm pretty sure was superhumanly early (I shot out of bed the second my first alarm sounded at 7am because I was excited), and had registered, collected my ID card and picked up my email username and password by 9:30, leaving me with two hours to kill until anything was going on at the Institute of Archaeology. I am just ~*extra keen*~.

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I've also registered my final module choices*:

Themes, Thought and Theory in World Archaeology: Foundations
Themes and Issues in the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East
Evolution of Palaeolithic and Neolithic Societies in the Near East
The Near East from Later Prehistory to the End of the Iron Age
Topics in Chinese Art and Archaeology

I'm pretty sure that China one was not in the booklet I had when I was looking at modules before, but I'm excited for it! :D I'm going to sit in on some undergrad modules on Chinese archaeology, as well, to get a bit of background knowledge.

My first lecture/seminar is tomorrow, in Themes, Thought, and Theory. Kinda wish I could take the contemporary issues version instead of the history of theory again, but I have become a lot fonder of theory since I figured out how and why it's actually relevant and important, so I'm still looking forward to it.

*Online! An awesome thing about UCL: they seem to be about 10 times more IT-savvy than Durham ever was. POP/IMAP aren't blocked on the email service, I can change all of my personal details online, and most importantly most of the required reading for the courses is available in pdf format!
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In this post, we finally get to Vienna itself! That means this post is going to be all perving on statues and architecture all the time. B) If Jugendstil was a person I would ask it to marry me right now.

There are also more photos in this than in the previous two entries combined, so be warned.

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Lastly, here's a video of some super-cool breakdancers we saw when we were walking back to the hotel one night.

Listen out for my mum's "Oh mein Gott!" whenever someone balances on their head, and my dirty laugh whenever something perverted happens! XD
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Palace time!

When we got to Schloss Schönbrunn these people with oak leaves in their hats were holding a very small parade outside.

Never found out why, but that one at the back looks like he's trying to sneak off into the crowd.

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Entire park area dangerous!
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Alright, let's get through some more of these photos. It's entirely my fault that there's so many of them, but I just have a thing stained glass windows, you guys. I can stop any time I want to, ok? I just don't want to.

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Next up: Schloss Schönbrunn, which gets an entry all to itself, even though we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.

*The only things I knew about Empress Elisabeth before this trip (when I did some reading on Wiki) were that she was the main character of this TV series (which looks just as bad as I remember thinking it was back when I was 10 years old and all the girls in my 5th grade class were addicted to it), and that she was killed by being stabbed between the ribs with a file, which I'm pretty sure I remembered because I thought it would dismay all the girls in my 5th grade class.
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I'm moved in to the new flat! We haven't got internet yet & I don't feel
like writing a big long post on my phone, but I'm gonna attach some photos
so you can see how wonderful this place is. :D

I changed my location to "London" on Twitter and Facebook this morning. So
far I love it here.
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