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Two recs for you guys:

OA Podcast #23: Bart Leib and Kay Holt talk Crossed Genres
I really like the interview with the Crossed Genres editors in the most recent Outer Alliance podcast. What a great press/magazine. I have one of their issues, the LGBTQ one, but I haven't actually read most of the stories in it. I got it out after I listened to this, though, the rectify that! I saw on their blog that they're considering offering print/ebook subscription for the revival of theri magazine and I hope they do. I'd love to give them my money, now that my employment situation is looking up a bit. (I got a part time tutoring job!)

In Between
A really cute short French animation. (I'd watch it full screen, makes the subtitles easier to see.) Debilitating shyness has never been this adorable!
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Everyone on Tumblr has been posting Valentine's Day cards, and I wanted in on the action. Oh breakfast, you might not be the one accompanying me to the London Aquarium on Tuesday, but in my heart you are my true valentine. (I still don't really care one way or the other about Valentine's Day to be honest, but I like excuses for dates, and I really like aquariums.)

I'm afraid I still don't have much to report about my life; jut generally attempting to get out of bed at reasonable times of day and leave the house sometimes.

I do have some great short stories to rec, though! In audio and text form, for maximum convenience and accessibility.

The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived by Keffy R. M. Kehrli. Audio & text at Escape Pod.
A sad story about clones and identity and childhood and things like that.

Their Changing Bodies by Alaya Dawn Johnson. Audio at PodCastle & text at Subterranean.
And this one is an awesome story about puberty and vampires (no no, bear with me here), and girls being total badasses. Also in the end-- no, I don't want to spoil it, just listen/read.

The Magick by Kristina C. Mottla. Audio & text at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
I guess this is a pretty standard coming out/oppression metaphor type thing (I admit I do enjoy those on occasion), but the worldbuilding is quite charming in a teasing way. Argh, no, tell me how your magic system works, show me what's going on outside this one community, I want to know more.


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